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Your experience partner for bilateral business relations


Our goal is to connect european companies with african companies of all sizes and from all economic sectors in the context of exciting projects in strategy and management.
We are a consulting firm not quite like the others, we work on a 100% customized model.
To do this, we adapt to your needs at all times, we work on existing strengths and exploit what makes them successful. In addition, we use industry best practices while taking into account your environment, the goal being to optimize your operation. Our goal is to create a model, plan and tools specific to your business.
Our way of working is based on a close collaboration with the various departments in order to create positive synergies leading you to concrete results and, consequently, to the success of your projects.       

                                              About Us              

Consisting of a dynamic and cosmopolitan team born of a merger of Africa Consulting, Lybusiness Consulting and SL Green Energy
COTRATECH Group is today a player in the transformation of its industry with an international, innovative and responsible state.
The COTRATECH GROUP has been involved since 2009 in the emergence and growth of a solution that is economical, clean and environmentally conscious: in all areas. With integrated German technology, COTRATECH Group is a know-how vector "made in Germany".
His Consultants combine aesthetics with efficiency, reliability, safety and high energy efficiency.
Cotratech Group supports numerous international companies in the investigation of African markets and in identifying acquisition targets in Africa. Cotratech Invest has conducted missions and numerous missions throughout the region in about thirty African countries.
A sustainable, effective approach to effective development assistance is to build trade and economic relations between Africa and the world.
African partners want an encounter on an equal footing. The possibilities for mutual success are manifold, the right first steps matter.
How do you start? How do you proceed? What opportunities and risks do you expect? How do you generate business and deals? What are the conditions that need to be created on both sides?

What are the financing options for you?

In contact with the Cotratech Group, you will receive concrete and valuable practical tips on how to successfully establish business relationships in Africa, even without a large investment of your own.
Step by step: With proven, practice-oriented methods, you can find the right partners, build business sustainably and create jobs.
                                                  The relevant framework between Africa and the world

Prerequisites to be created on both sides first: Environment and business analysis, identification of fields of action and risks, time factor, cultural differences, successful action between states and African partners, sustainable Build relationships, partners in Africa and their role, register the business and bureaucratic practices, experience report from the start of a business idea to effective implementation.

                       In the hope of meeting you soon, ladies and gentlemen, receive our best regards.







Trust is what makes the business world turn. No one would want to work with a company that inspires no confidence Unsurprisingly, the majority of business leaders recognize that trust is an important consideration in their eyes when making a major decision. In business decisions, it's not so much that you know who counts, but who you trust. And trust can decide the success or failure of a negotiation.
Trust is an important value in any type of relationship. It is the base of everything.

Do you have a project that you would like to finance?
Better, you want to buy a project. We analyse with you the best financing, we help you with the preparation of your investment documents and accompany you to the bankers to defend your case and to negotiate your well-being.
For international development, the Cotratech Group provides its know-how to assist you in financing your business, from opening up new markets to the payment period granted to your customers.
Financing solutions adapted to your project
We accompany the states or companies in search of capital, which is necessary for the realization of their projects. To speed up the financing of their investments, we facilitate their access to bank loans and organize fundraising with investors according to the company's project.

We are at your disposal to meet you and explore possible partnership opportunities given the strong synergy between our respective activities.


Building Planning

  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Residential and hotel complexesHospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Sports centres
  • Congress and exhibition centres
  • Parking buildings and underground car parks


Energy and environmental

• Infrastructure projects
• Development and extension of water courses
• Photovoltaic installations
• Energy storage solutions
• Solar lightning solutions
• Energy efficiency
• Small vertical axis wind turbines
• Wind turbines and offshore wind turbines
• Geothermal installations
• Cogeneration plants
• Power plants
• Hydroelectric power stations
• Electrical distribution networks
• Biogas plants
• Biomass plants

Hydraulic works and port logistics

  • Seaports and inland ports
  • Flood protection / Dykes
  • Inland waterways
  • Flood retention basins
  • Locks / Dams
  • Marina / Seaports
  • Shipyards
  • Breakwater
  • Handling platforms
  • Offshore works
  • Work for coastal protection

Infrastructure planning

  • Infrastructure development
  • Drinking water supply systems and
  • Sewage disposal  
  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Heavy-duty surfaces/Special foundations
  • Pipeline construction
  • Traffic installation/Traffic engineering
  • Road works
  • Motorways/Main roads
  • Railway tracks/Control system
  • Airports


Solar Container

We have the necessary equipment and the know-how for professional installations, the best technology in the world "Made in Germany".
We are at your disposal to meet you and explore possible partnership opportunities given the strong synergy between our respective activities


Solar Irrigation

As a photovoltaic solar water pump system that is
less painful than manual water pumping and more powerful,
the photovoltaic pumping system allows for much more water to be used,
and its use in the Sahara regions has spread rapidly.


Waste Transformation into Energy

Every year humanity produces more than 100 million tons of plastic. Only a tiny part of this can be recycled after use.
The remaining plastic waste accumulates in countless dumps and in our oceans.
Meanwhile, the largest of the five landfills is almost as big as twice Europe and growth is not about to stop.

We have the necessary equipment and the know-how for professional installations, the best technology in the world "Made in Germany".
We are at your disposal to meet you and explore possible partnership opportunities given the strong synergy between our respective activities.

Solar Generator

Key information
The unit can be powered by wind and solar.
The batteries can be charged using a fuel-powered generator or the power grid.
The device is fully mobile at the touch of a button and requires no maintenance.
    Long-term fuel savings are substantial if they are powered by wind or solar power.
The unit can be charged and / or powered by only 3 solar panels.
Several panels can charge the battery in just 2 hours.
The unit can take 12 kW of power and can produce 6 kW of power at the same time.
We will have a 10 kW system in less than 90 days.
We have the necessary equipment and the know-how for professional installations
the best technology in the world
"Made in USA"



The Cotratech Group organises business trips to Africa (inbound) and the world (outbound).
Business trips offer companies the opportunity to get to know each other
with the market and to establish first business contacts.
the Cotratech Group conducts briefings, provides information about the best local companies
about the business conditions and the work process at close quarters.










Do you have questions, suggestions or would you like to make an appointment with us?
Our team will gladly answer you.

Our team will gladly answer you.


Bajuwarenstrasse 71
81825 Munich-Germany
Tel: + 49 1721793720
Tel: + 49 89 32708412




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Bajuwarenstrasse 71
   81825 Munich-Germany
+ 49 1721793720
 + 49 89 32708412
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